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Endless dinners with friends, lazy Sunday afternoons with your family, falling off to sleep reading your favourite book, all in the comfort your home, a space we strive to make truly yours – warm, aesthetic and beautifully styled.

In the 37 years since Khazana’s beginnings, we have grown from a small leather store in Ahmedabad to a boutique furniture company with a retail presence in Ahmedabad.

Through these years, the focus has always been on sourcing, creating and curating understated, elegant products of the highest quality.

We’ve been privileged to serve 3 generations of clients who have bought leather wallets & bags from us in the 1980s, apparel in the 1990s, home accessories in the early 2000s and now our styled home packages.

It is our pursuit to be a top notch boutique furniture company facilitating timeless homes for our discerning clients that drives us today, and this same pursuit that now brings a portion of our catalogue online.

We are always looking to grow, and enhance our products, services and footprint, we look forward to serving you and, should there be anything we can help with, please feel free to connect with us at

[email protected] or 079 2684 0378 / +91 98795 54463

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